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3 Trending Exterior Paint Colors of 2024 to Try This Spring

Updated: Mar 28

As the days lengthen and the vibrant hues of spring peek through in St. Louis, it's the perfect time to consider refreshing your home's exterior. A new coat of paint can dramatically transform your curb appeal, adding value and personality to your property. But with so many color options available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Fear not, St. Louis homeowners! This year, spring ushers in a wave of exciting color trends that cater to a variety of tastes. Whether you crave a bold statement or a serene escape, there's a perfect shade waiting to adorn your home's exterior.

So, where should you start? Malone Painting compiled a list of 2024’s most popular exterior paint colors, plus simple tips for helping you narrow down your options and pick out just the right color for your home.

Embrace the Tranquility of Blue

Blue continues to reign supreme in the world of exterior paint, offering a spectrum of calming and invigorating options. Here are some top picks for your St. Louis home:

Trending Exterior Paint Colors of 2024 to Try This Spring

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Benjamin Moore's 'Blue Nova': This deep, sporty hue combines a rich blue base with a subtle hint of purple, creating a sophisticated and unique look for your St. Louis abode. It pairs beautifully with crisp white trim and natural stone accents, adding a touch of unexpected elegance to your curb appeal.

Pro Tip for St. Louis Residents:  Consider "Blue Nova" for a statement front door in historic Soulard or Lafayette Square. It will complement the classic architecture of these neighborhoods while making your home stand out.

Trending Exterior Paint Colors of 2024 to Try This Spring

Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams' 'Upward': Yearning for a serene escape? "Upward" offers a light and airy blue with subtle gray undertones. This calming shade evokes a sense of peace and tranquility, making it ideal for St. Louis bungalows or ranch-style homes nestled in quiet neighborhoods.

Go Bold with Dramatic Darks

For those seeking a dramatic statement, darker shades are making a comeback in 2024. Here's a bold option to consider:

Trending Exterior Paint Colors of 2024 to Try This Spring

Photo Courtesy of Home Depot

Behr's 'Cracked Pepper': This deep, rich gray provides a striking contrast against lighter elements like white trim or natural stone. "Cracked Pepper" is a perfect choice for St. Louis contemporary homes or lofts, where it can create a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

Finding Your Perfect Shade: Considerations for St. Louis Homes

Before diving headfirst into a new color, consider these factors to ensure your chosen hue complements your St. Louis home's architecture and surroundings:

  • Architectural Style: Certain colors work better with specific architectural styles. For instance, a Victorian home in the Central West End might benefit from a classic white or a muted green, while a mid-century modern home in Kirkwood could rock a bolder color like "Cracked Pepper."

  • Neighborhood Aesthetics: Maintaining a cohesive look with your neighbors is a good idea, especially in historic districts like Richmond Heights or Webster Groves. Research common color palettes in your area to ensure your chosen shade complements the overall aesthetic.

  • Sun Exposure: South-facing walls receive more sunlight, causing colors to appear brighter. Consider choosing a slightly cooler shade for these areas to avoid an overwhelming effect. North-facing walls, on the other hand, receive less sun, making warmer tones a good option to add visual warmth to your St. Louis home.

A Refreshing Spring for Your St. Louis Home

With a plethora of color options at your disposal, painting your St. Louis home's exterior is an exciting way to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Whether you choose a calming blue or a dramatic dark shade, the right color can breathe new life into your property and elevate your curb appeal. Remember, consulting with a professional painting contractor in St. Louis can help you navigate the color selection process and ensure a flawless and long-lasting exterior transformation. So, embrace the spirit of spring and get ready to see your St. Louis home shine!

Ready to breathe new life into your St. Louis home's exterior? Contact Malone Painting today for a free quote. We offer a wide range of high-quality exterior painting services and can help you achieve the perfect look for your spring refresh!

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