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2024's Top 10 Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick for St. Louis Exteriors

Updated: Apr 4

The iconic red brick facade is a beloved feature of many St. Louis homes, adding a timeless elegance and character to the cityscape. But when it comes to sprucing up your red brick exterior, choosing the perfect paint color for trim, doors, or siding can feel overwhelming.

2024's Top 10 Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick for St. Louis Exteriors

Fear not, fellow St. Louisan! Malone Painting will help you explore 10 stunning paint colors guaranteed to complement your red brick home, enhance its curb appeal, and elevate your streetscape presence.

Understanding Your Red Brick

Before diving into the color palette, it's important to consider the specific shade of your red brick. St. Louis boasts a rich architectural history, and red brick homes come in a variety of tones, from warm, earthy reds to cooler, bluer hues. Identifying your brick's undertone will help you select a paint color that harmonizes beautifully.

Top 10 Paint Colors for St. Louis Red Brick Exteriors

1. Creamy Off-White: A timeless choice, creamy off-white paints provide a touch of elegance and balance the boldness of red brick. This classic combination evokes a sense of sophistication and complements both traditional and modern architectural styles. Think of Sherwin-Williams' "Creme" or Benjamin Moore's "White Dove" for beautiful off-white options.

2024's Top 10 Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick for St. Louis Exteriors

Creme SW 7556 is for columns, fascia, and soffit; Hickory Smoke SW 7027 is for detailing around cornices and doorways; Halcyon Green SW 6213 adds a pop of color.

2. Grayish-Green: For a nature-inspired aesthetic, explore grayish-green paints. This earthy hue creates a calming and harmonious effect when paired with red brick. It's particularly well-suited for St. Louis homes nestled amidst lush greenery or aiming for a coastal vibe. Check out Sherwin-Williams' "Conservative Gray" or Farrow & Ball's "Green Smoke" for inspiration.

3. Warm Gray: A warm gray paint color adds a touch of sophistication and dimension to red brick exteriors. This versatile option complements various architectural styles and pairs well with a variety of materials like stone or wood accents. Consider Sherwin-Williams' "City Loft" or Benjamin Moore's "Manchester Tan" for warm gray tones.

4. Bold Navy Blue: For a dramatic and eye-catching statement, consider a bold navy blue paint. This striking color creates a crisp contrast with red brick, making your home a true standout on the block. This option is best suited for homes with a modern or contemporary aesthetic. For beautiful navy blue hues, explore Sherwin-Williams' "Naval" or Benjamin Moore's "Hale Navy."

5. Timeless Black: Black is a bold and sophisticated choice for accenting red brick exteriors. It creates a dramatic contrast that exudes elegance and modern flair. This color scheme is perfect for highlighting architectural details and creating a striking entryway. If you're considering black, consider Benjamin Moore's "Black Beauty" or Sherwin-Williams' "Black Fox."

10 Paint Colors to Compliment Your St. Louis Red Brick Home's Exterior

City Loft SW 7631 is for siding, while Black Fox SW 7020 is for trim, soffit, fascia, and gutters.

6. Soft Sage Green: Craving a touch of whimsy and a connection to nature? Soft sage green offers a calming and inviting aesthetic. This muted green hue complements the warmth of red brick beautifully and adds a touch of personality to your St. Louis home. Explore Benjamin Moore's "Saybrook Sage" or Sherwin-Williams' "Sea Salt" for soft sage green inspiration.

7. Crisp White: For a clean and airy look, a crisp white paint creates a timeless contrast with red brick. This high-contrast combination brings a touch of New England charm to your St. Louis abode and emphasizes clean architectural lines. If you're aiming for a crisp white, consider Benjamin Moore's "Super White" or Sherwin-Williams' "Pure White."

10 Paint Colors to Compliment Your St. Louis Red Brick Home's Exterior

8. Charcoal Gray: If you prefer a darker and moodier aesthetic, charcoal gray is a striking choice for accenting red brick. This dramatic color combination creates a bold statement and adds a touch of modern sophistication to your St. Louis home. Explore Sherwin-Williams' "Porpoise" or Benjamin Moore's "Anthracite" for charcoal gray inspiration.

10 Paint Colors to Compliment Your St. Louis Red Brick Home's Exterior

Porpoise SW 7047 is for doors, fascia, soffit, and crown, while Tony Taupe SW 7038 is for window trim and the main body of corbels.

9. Sunny Yellow: Embrace a cheerful and welcoming vibe with a sunny yellow paint color. This bright hue adds a touch of personality and complements the warm tones of red brick beautifully. Consider a soft yellow like Benjamin Moore's "Buttermilk" or a bolder yellow like Sherwin-Williams' "Different Gold" to add a touch of sunshine to your St. Louis street.

10. Vibrant Burgundy: For a touch of historical charm and elegance, explore a rich burgundy paint color. This sophisticated hue pairs beautifully with red brick, particularly for Victorian or Colonial-style homes. Sherwin-Williams' "Audry's Blush" or Benjamin Moore's "Mulberry Wine" are excellent options to evoke a sense of timeless grandeur.

Making Your Choice and St. Louis Considerations

With this diverse palette of 10 stunning paint colors, you're well-equipped to find the perfect match for your St. Louis red brick home's exterior. Remember to consider these additional factors:

  • Sun exposure: South-facing walls receive more sunlight, so consider colors that resist fading, like deeper grays or certain yellows. North-facing walls get less sun, so lighter colors like off-white or sage green can help brighten the space.

  • Architectural style: Certain colors complement specific architectural styles. For instance, crisp white pairs well with Colonial homes, while bold navy blue might suit a modern aesthetic.

  • Neighborhood harmony: Consider the overall aesthetic of your St. Louis neighborhood. While you want your home to stand out, it should also complement the surrounding architecture.

Choosing the perfect paint color for your St. Louis red brick home's exterior is an exciting decision, especially with Ventura Color as our color consultant. By considering your brick's undertone, your desired aesthetic, and the surrounding environment, you can select a color that enhances your home's curb appeal and reflects your unique style. With this guide and a visit to your local paint store, you'll be well on your way to transforming your St. Louis red brick abode into a true showstopper!

Get a free estimate with Malone Painting for your next painting project in St. Louis, and experience the difference firsthand.

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