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Inviting Winter Hues: Embracing Cozy Interior Painting Trends for St. Louis Homes

Updated: Jan 13

The desire to design cozy, welcoming areas in our homes grows as St. Louis experiences the winter's chill. Finding the newest interior painting trends that capture the spirit of the season is a fun endeavor that provides a blank canvas for you to add some seasonal beauty to your house.

Interior Painting Trends for St. Louis Homes

Taking in the Winter Palette of St. Louis

These ten paint colors, chosen by Malone Painting, capture the essence of winter in St. Louis and are inspired by Sherwin Williams' wide color range. Sherwin Williams' color of the month is Peppery (SW 6615):

1. Naval (SW 6244)

Rich and elegant, Naval, a deep navy blue, brings sophistication and tranquility, evoking the serene calm of a winter night.

2. Poised Taupe (SW 6039)

Poised Taupe, a warm and embracing neutral, echoes the cozy essence of a St. Louis winter landscape, harmonizing effortlessly with the season.

3. Urbane Bronze (SW 7048)

Exuding sophistication and intimacy, Urbane Bronze, a deep charcoal hue, envelops spaces in elegance, perfect for creating an intimate winter ambiance.

4. Peppery (SW 6615)

Sherwin Williams' Color of the Month, Peppery, offers a versatile choice that can be mild, medium, or spicy, adding a dynamic touch to your winter palette. It complements various styles, allowing you to infuse your space with just the right amount of warmth and character.

5. Iron Ore (SW 7069)

A dark, grounding hue, Iron Ore conveys a sense of strength and stability, adding depth and drama to interiors during the winter months.

6. Ripe Olive (SW 6209)

Ripe Olive, a deep olive green, captures the richness of St. Louis' winter foliage, infusing spaces with earthy warmth and character.

7. Alabaster (SW 7008)

A soft and creamy white, Alabaster brings a sense of purity and brightness to interiors, contrasting beautifully against darker winter hues.

8. Reddened Earth (SW 6053)

Reddened Earth, a warm terracotta tone, evokes the comforting hues of autumn, adding a cozy touch to St. Louis homes during winter.

9. Tinsmith (SW 7657)

With its cool, blue-gray tones, Tinsmith exudes a calming effect, reminiscent of St. Louis' wintry skies, ideal for creating serene spaces.

10. Rustic Red (SW 7593)

Rustic Red, a deep and vibrant shade, infuses spaces with energy and warmth, reminiscent of St. Louis' vibrant winter festivities.

Adding Depth with Textures and Finishes

To further improve the homey atmosphere of your decor, think about adding textures and finishes in addition to these gorgeous colors:

Matte Finishes

The matte finishes by Sherwin Williams accentuate the winter mood by giving walls depth and a velvety appeal that goes well with darker hues.

Textured Wall Coverings

Try adding tactile warmth and visual appeal to your spaces with textured wall coverings like Sherwin Williams faux finishes or textured wallpaper.

Guidance from Malone Painting for a Cozy Winter Haven

At Malone Painting, we recognize the significance of crafting warm and welcoming homes during St. Louis' winter. Our color consultant offer customized consultations and eco-friendly painting services, ensuring affordable and top-tier paint brands suitable for your interior walls:

Creating Your Cozy Winter Oasis:

  • Schedule a consultation with our team to explore Sherwin Williams' extensive color palettes, considering cheap painting services and affordable interior painting options for your St. Louis home.

  • Consider incorporating accent walls or focal points using Sherwin Williams' suggested hues to evoke warmth and visual interest.

  • Delve into combining various textures and finishes to add dimension and character to your interiors, intensifying the cozy ambiance.

  • As one of the trusted residential painting companies near you, we offer affordable interior painting solutions catering to your budget and preferences.

Enjoy the Warmth of the Season with Sherwin Williams and Malone Painting

This winter, embrace the cozy appeal of St. Louis' seasonal charm while transforming your house into a haven from the cold. Sherwin Williams' enthralling color palette and Malone Painting's skill may help your interiors capture the coziness and splendor of winter in St. Louis.

Get in touch with Malone Painting right now for individualized consultations and help implementing these Sherwin Williams-inspired ideas in your house. Let your walls become a haven of warmth and beauty this St. Louis winter.

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